lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

"The Mind"

Hello, here show you some of my memories as a child of whom were very happy moments.!

My House: As a child, I remember my
house was small is bigger now.

My Parents:
As a child, my mother and
I went together forever.

My brothers or sisters: As a child, always fighting with my cousins because I have no brother.

My Granparents: As a child, my grandparents

always bought me ice cream.

Food: As a child, I ate a lot of rice
with ketchup and still do.

My Friends: As a child, I went everyday
to the park with my friends.

My Toys: As a child, my favorite

toy was the Barbie.

Music: As a child, I listened to many
children's songs such as Barnie.

At high school I did many things
fun will never forget.

A Vacation: As a child, I went to
Merida on vacation.

I like this unit much that reminded me many
unforgettable moments and beautiful experiences.

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